Sunday, March 19, 2017

Three weeks!

March 13, 2017

Third week in Georgia! I can hardly believe it! The weather still can't decide what season it is, but I love it here all the same! It's good to be here teaching people - and finding people - who are ready to know the truth of our Heavenly Father's plan for them. My companion Sister Anderson and I are officially in the "finding" business now, since we have so few investigators at the moment! We keep praying and looking out for unplanned opportunities to share the gospel, so I know it will come! As long as we listen to the Spirit and trust in the Lord, I know we will be led to those who have "ears to hear." Sometimes it just feels like Hide and Seek though!
We just gave talks on Sunday about member missionary work, so hopefully that will help our little branch grow! We have been doing a lot of work with strengthening members, so I know it will all work out eventually!

All my love,
Sister Lauralee Yount
Georgia Peach 2

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