Thursday, April 20, 2017

First New Investigator!

April 3, 2017

Yes, we found our first new investigator this week! It was actually on exchanges this week on Wednesday, and Sister Mitchell and I were tracting in the evening on or last street. She serves on the University of Georgia campus, came to Braselton and we did a lot of good tracting. She taught me a lot about believing in myself as a missionary and being happy and excited (which she constantly is, so it rubbed off!) to meet people because even if they aren't interested in the gospel message, they will see that it is important to you. I directed us via maps to the places we were going, and on Wednesday evening during our last tracting street, we knocked on the door of a lady named Charlotte and she let us in! We were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon after she told us that something she is searching for right now is to have a more real connection with God as she studies the Bible. She wants to feel him there the same way she does when she looks at nature, which is where she feels God the most. We promised her that if she would pray earnestly before reading, she could feel what she is seeking and also testified of the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. She accepted a copy to read and even said, "Maybe this is the missing piece I am looking for!" God definitely works miracles in tracting! Just when I was not feeling as if anyone would listen on the doorstep and a lot of our follow-up appointments fell through, we were able to reach out to someone who really needed to hear our message! This is what being a missionary is all about, and it feels so good! We are meeting with her tonight to talk about the Restoration and I am so excited!

Enjoying lunch in between Conference Sessions
General Conference was also really great! My companion and I went to the church building both days for all the sessions, and we got to spend the time with the other missionaries serving in wards and branches who share the building. It was really cool to meet all of them and hear different stories from their missions. We had a late lunch and studies in between sessions, then fed our souls the rest of the time! 

I really liked Elder Rasband's talk about following the promptings of the Spirit. Although I doubt I will ever have the courage to stick my foot in the door, it was an excellent reminder to act on the first prompting so that God can accomplish His will through us. I will definitely be improving upon that this week! I need to recognize and act the first time and I know that miracles will follow!

I also got asked to sing Easter Sunday by the branch president - "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." My companion and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to get in with a less active family who is very musically inclined, as well, so wish us luck! Transfer calls came last night, so I am now officially 6 weeks out! Sister Anderson and I are both staying so we know that we have good work to do here in Braselton still! We know that the Lord will be able to work in and through us as we make goals and plans to accomplish His will.

Talk again soon!

Sister Lauralee Yount
Georgia Peach 2

Sister Anderson treated me to my first gatorade - it just tastes like flavored water I guess haha

planting flowers in Sister Stavron's yard -  in our skirts!

Lunch with Sister Henderson - she is less active but always willing to lend us a helping hand - this time, it was a ride to the store to get groceries last week.

Visiting with Sister Fife, who is recovering from a hip surgery. She always brightens or day! Sister Anderson found a fancy hat Sister Fife's granddaughter left there and decided to wear it!

It was Elder Hernandez's birthday at our last official district meeting before transfers, so the birthday banner and cat ears are in our district picture!

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